General Information

General Information is a specialized forum in the field of electricity, electronics - telecommunications, refrigeration and mechanics. There are many types of advertising on such as Banner Advertising, PR Advertising, Classifieds, Post Promotional ...

Quang cao banner

Banner Advertising

How banner advertising is new is smart? Instead of paying a lot of money for banner ads on online newspapers, look for in-depth forums about the field that you are trading.

Quang cao PR, Rao vat

PR & Classified Ads

Compare PR advertising effectiveness, classifieds on professional forums with electronic newspapers, buy or sell website. PR advertising, classifieds are highly effective at low cost if you know how to use.

Dang tin khuyen mai

Post Promotion News

You are preparing to deploy marketing campaigns to increase sales of the company. The form of advertising will bring the news of your campaign to customers fastest, most effective and most cost-effective.

Bang gia quang cao

Advertising Price List

We would like to send to you the latest price list on Please contact the advertising department for assistance. Thank you very much!

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Rules of Advertising

Advertising contents must comply with the regulations of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the regulations issued by 989 M&E Co., Ltd. When you advertise on website, Guests have agreed to the terms of this policy.

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